Connie Birner, of USA Environmental, received a special award from the National Association of Ordnance Contractors (NAOC),, at their annual General Membership Meeting in Scottsdale, AZ on December 11, 2019. Connie was not able to attend, but USA’s VP, Brian Skubin, accepted the award on Connie’s behalf. Lanette Waite was on stage and read the following during the presentation.

“For 24 years, Connie Birner has supported NAOC. A fun fact about Connie. Connie is the first woman to appear on the leadership team. From 1998 through 2000, she served as Chairman of the Membership Committee. Following that role, she continued to be our historian and knowledgebase. Believe me when I say - Very few people have the incredible knowledge of this Association like Connie Birner. In 2019, she continued to be my right hand. I interfaced with her several times a month, if not weekly. Sometimes, she received several emails a day from me. Her response “no problem,” “I am on it,” always a joy to work with. She leads the task on managing our membership database. She works closely with me, our Treasurer, and the BOD. She is the first person our new members interface with. Her warmth and graciousness are contagious. Unfortunately, she could not be here tonight. But I feel immense gratitude for her. I wanted to say thank you to Ms. Connie Birner of USA Environmental. I have asked Mr. Brian Skubin to accept this award on her behalf.”